Providing the right tax advice to help businesses succeed. For over a decade, our experienced team have been working with businesses throughout Joondalup and the northern suburbs of Perth.
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Business accounting & taxation

Our team of highly experienced Charted Accountants and Certified Practicing Accountants provide comprehensive accounting and tax advisory services for sole traders, partnerships, trusts, and companies based in Joondalup, the city of Perth, as well as the throughout Western Australia.

At AWT Accountants we believe a great accountant should be an active partner in the success of your business. This involves going beyond simple tax compliance, and working directly with you to ensure you’re receiving the maximum value possible for your business tax.

It is hard to know if you are making the right business decisions if you don’t genuinely understand your numbers. We aim to gain your trust and get you on top of your tax by seeking to meet up with you more than just once a year at tax time.

We help you maximise your business with the following:

  • Business Tax Planning
  • ASIC Compliance
  • BAS & GST
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Fringe Benefits &
    Salary Packaging
  • Cash Flow &
  • Start Up
  • ATO Audit

Why use AWT Accountants for your business needs?

  • Value for money

    Receive a wide range of services from our team at an affordable price, with the flexibility of paying fees annually or setting up a payment plan to suit your own needs.
  • Efficiency

    Know that when your work is done by AWT Accountants, it will be completed in a timely manner with regular updates provided to keep you in the loop.
  • Knowledgeable

    Have peace of mind knowing that your work is being completed by qualified Chartered Accountants and Certified Practising Accountants with decades of industry experience.
  • Personal

    If you want to establish a strong relationship with local accountants who will remember your name, AWT is for you. All work is completed in our local office or in the home offices of our team, so you can feel comfortable that none of your work is outsourced.

What our clients are saying…

Consistent and professional

In the last few months I have interacted with Audrey, Letitia and Debbie and have been very satisfied with the consistent level of professionalism and customer service I have received from all three AWT Accountants staff members. I recommend AWT Accountants to anyone who is looking for good accountants.

R. Geddies

Highly recommended

Audrey and her team have been instrumental to Hamer Airport Parking over the years as our business has scaled. They are so much more than just an accounting firm to us. Audrey and her team have led our family business growth throughout the years and they are the people I call for advice or troubleshooting. We highly recommend their services to anyone.

J. Hamer

Supported and looked after

The team at AWT always go above and beyond to assist us with our small business. Over the years, Audrey’s knowledge and invaluable advice has helped steer our plumbing business in the right direction as we’ve grown. She has communicated with the ATO on our behalf on many occasions, liaises with our bookkeeper and has met with us to discuss how to best set ourselves up to make the most of our income. Vikki has been a godsend and works through our accounts to get us ready for EFOY, and every year we are blown away by how much she saves us in tax. AWT have made us feel so supported and looked after, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

L. Liebe


What expenses can I claim for my home office?

If a taxpayer carries out part of their work activities from home, and has an office set aside to do the work, some portion of the running expenses can be deducted. A diary should be kept for a minimum of 4 weeks indicating the hours the office was used for work related purposes.

The rate for 2019/2020 is 52 cents per hour, and was increased for COVID-19 to 80 cents per hour. Only running expenses (electricity, heating and depreciation of office equipment) can be claimed for your home office unless the home is being used as a place of business.

Deductions for occupancy and running expenses can be claimed where a home is a place of business, and is easily identified as such, e.g. a separate entrance, signage, clients/customers coming to this area of your home.

I have started my own business and wonder if I need to register for GST?

Businesses with an annual turnover of $75,000 or more are required to register for GST. If your business has a lower turnover you are not required to register but you may do so if you wish. You will only be required to charge your customers GST if you are registered. AWT Accountants can assist you with your application to register for GST.

I run a small business and in June pre-paid 12 months’ rent on the premises that I operate from. Can I claim the whole amount on my tax return even though most of the payment is for next year?

Small business entities will be able to claim certain eligible pre-paid expenses in the year they were paid. Examples are rent, insurance and subscriptions to professional associations. Eligible expenses will be payments that are made for periods of 12 months or less and that the period covered ends in the next income year. Your pre-paid rent qualifies because the period it covers does not exceed 12 months and that period will end before the end of the next income year. The whole amount will be claimable on your tax return this year.

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